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Final Appeal for the Donor Wall (Brick Campaign 2.0)

Without the grace of God, Ying Wa would not have existed; without vision, our founder's work would not have endured, and without you, our school could not have been redeveloped. For this reason, we would like to appeal to all to contribute to the Redevelopment Fund... >>

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Founder's Day Service, AGM & Dinner on 24 March 2018 (Sat)

You are cordinally invited to attend this annual event. [ Details & Reply Slip ]
Revised deadline: 12 March 2018
You can place your order for the Founder's Day Dinner with the Google Form.

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Alumnae Newsletters (Feb 2018)

Two issues have just been released. Enjoy the content!

  • YWGSAA Newsletter (Print & Web version) - The cover story is on the announcement of Fund-raising Drama entitled《媽咪,存因為你》2018. In this issue, there are many interesting articles and sharings from alumnae and news from school, including latest news of School Redevelopment Project, Reunion News of Classes of 1957, 1967, 1972 & 1977, interviews of Ms Ho (何慧姚老師) & Mrs Wang (王劉曼慈老師)etc. [ Past Issues ]

  • Overseas Alumnae Newsletter (Web Version, 6th Issue) - The cover story is 《媽咪,存因為你》2018 重建籌款話劇 & Visit and Lunch with Oxonian Headmistress Miss Evelyn Jenkins. Other interesting articles include: Reunion News of Classes 1957, 1967, 1972, 1975 and 1977 News from Toronto, Vancouver, North & South California, Seattle, Sydney, London, Germany and Korea. Enjoy your reading! [ Past Issues ]

《踏峰而行》- 蘇周艷屏自傳


年逾八十的蘇周艷屏校友在2010年卸下她在1964年創辦的新洲印刷有限公司的繁重業務後,退而不休,生前著手寫成這本自傳:「 除了留給我的子孫作為紀念外,我也希望將我的出生、成長、立業的經過,以一位女工業人在香港過去大半世紀的動盪年代中作為一份歷史的存照。」 [ 自傳封面 ]

蘇太成就卓越,屢獲殊榮,在多個崗位上貢獻香港, 例如曾任立法局議員。現於自傳分享她的努力奮鬥、堅定信仰及熱愛母校的心,大家實在不容錯過。感謝蘇太慷慨捐贈廿本自傳給校友會,有興趣的校友可致電 2546 3151校務處蘇小姐安排。

Outing to Yan Chau Tong Marine Park (印洲塘海岸公園) on 2 Dec 2017

Over a hundred particpants (including alumnae with family members, teachers and friends of Ying Wa) joined the 1-day geotour in the beautiful marine park. Visit the Alumnae Facebook to look out the happy photos!


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