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** Posted on 20 February 2017:
The fourth issue of Overseas Alumnae Newsletter has just been released. Its cover story is a report on the Thanksgiving Dinner - celebrating Rev. C. C. Lee's 50 years of ordination into the Christian Ministry. Other articles include Greetings from Ms Yau Ping Wai and latest news from various Overseas Alumnae Chapters. There are some sharings from alumnae who has worked/studied overseas in Taipei, Genoa and Beijing. Moreover, Ms Lindy Mogford, former YW teacher in late 70s, also shared her fond memory of YW. Enjoy your reading! [ Fourth Issue ]

** Posted on 4 November 2016:
The third issue covers "Message from the Principal, Eulogy for Ms Suen Chien-to and Mr Lee Chik-fong (former YW teachers) and Angel Yeung ('78 alumna), My 75th Birthday Letter from Ms Yau Ping-wai, latest news from Vancouver, Sydney, SF Bay Area and S California Chapters". Moreover, there are two articles from Ms Wong Ka-po (former Music teacher) and Mrs Margaret Hung (former Chemistry teacher) and two more from Hong Kong and Taipei. Enjoy your reading! [ Third Issue ]

** Posted on 25 February 2016:
The second issue of Overseas Alumnae Newsletter has just been released. It covers the good news of the San Francisco overseas chapter recently set up and a very interesting article from Mrs Ruth Lee on her 3-month tour after her retirement. There are also lots of sharing from all our overseas chapters. Enjoy your reading! [ Second Issue ]

** Posted on 25 December 2015:
Following Mrs. Ruth Lee's recent visits to reach out to our alumnae overseas and the Premier Issue of our Alumnae Association Newsletter with a special feature on overseas alumnae, we would like to strengthen our connections with you. On the top of our co-ordinator Ms. FOK Oi Ying Alice (oiyingfok@yahoo.com), we have two more alums joining the team to serve: they are Mr. LAU Siu Ki Clive (Clive@netvigator.com) and Ms. LEE Sai Fung Odetta (oleehk@netvigator.com).

** Posted on 8 September 2015:
The AA Newsletter Team is happy to present this Premier Issue, with heartfelt stories on 13 overseas alumnae from nine cities. Mrs Ruth Lee, former YW Principal, has done a lot to strengthen the overseas alumnae network and this Premier issue launched at her retirement is a tribute to her wonderful contribution over the years. [ Premier Issue ]

Contributions for the Spring Issue 2016 are most welcome. Submission could be sent to the Editors of AA Newsletter by email to alumnae@ywgs.edu.hk

** Posted on 6 June 2014:
Dr Frank Wan, President of the YWGSAA, has written a message to the overseas alumnae to announce the setup of an Overseas Alumnae Liaison Group which aims to coordinate better communication and sharing between Hong Kong and overseas alumnae. The co-ordinator of the Group is Ms. FOK Oi Ying Alice who may be reached by email oiyingfok@yahoo.com or alumnae@ywgs.edu.hk. [ President's Message ]

Vancouver ChapterContact person: Ms Audrey Yeung

Latest news: On 3 October 2015, alumnae of Ying Wa Boys and Girls, and past teachers had a wonderful gathering with Mrs Lee, former principal who has recently retired. Earlier in mid-April, we had our annual dinner. Read an article from Ms Clara Lau.

Background: The formation of Alumni Association in Vancouver was initiated by a few early immigrants of YWGs whose husbands were graduated from Ying Wa College way back in the early "80s with founders of less than 8.

With the influx of H.K. immigrants to Vancouver later in the years, YWGS and YW College Alumni Association, Vancouver Chapter, was formally organized 25 years ago. We now have about 120 YWGS and 30 YWBC members in our directory, though about 30% may not be up-to-date over time.

Our Annual Dinners were usually held in spring. In recent years, we invited speakers from our alumnae to give us professional advice on topics of interest like health, estate management, botany, etc. In the last 10 years, they have a moderate participants of 50 including some supportive spouses. [ Gathering 2005 ] [ Gathering 2008 ] [ Gathering 2009 ] [ Gathering 2010 ] [ Gathering 2012 ] [ Gathering 2014 [ Gathering 2015 ]

Toronto Chapter Contact person: Ms Yolanda Shin

Latest news: On 13 September 2015, 132 alumnae gathered together to celebrate the 115th Anniversary and to welcome Mrs Lee on her visit right after her retirement. Read an article written by Ms Winnie Yau Ping Wai, former YW teacher.

Background: The alumnae community in Toronto first started in July, 1988 when Miss Kwan Yeuk Laan and a few graduates from the Class of '59 gathered about 100 past students and staff members for dinner when Mrs. Katherine Chau, Miss Lam Sui Sum and Miss Yau Ping Wai visited Toronto.

Ever since then, graduates from Class of '59 voluntarily coordinated alumnae in Toronto for Annual Dinners every summer. This has become a tradition and their in the past 21 years, this coordinating work has been passed on to graduates of Class of '71, '70 and now to Yolanda of Class of '77.
[ Gathering 2005 ] [ Gathering 2008 ] [ Gathering 2009 ] [ Gathering 2010 ] [ Gathering 2012 ] [ Gathering 2013 ] [ Gathering 2015 ]

Australia ChapterContact person: Ms Esther Cheang

Latest news: On 15 October 2015, alumnae had a warm welcome lunch in Sydney with Ms Lily Chow, former YW teacher (1967-1975). End-of-year activity was held on 13 November and attended by 12 alumnae. We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch and visited Gosford Regional Gallery and Edogawa Commemorative Garden. Earlier in the summer, alumnae joined the brunch at Fortune Place Chinese Restaurant, followed by a leisure walk at Edens Gardens on 9 July 2015. Here is a brief activity report 2015.

Southern California (Los Angeles) ChapterContact persons: Mrs Jenny Lew Fong Yuk Chee / Mrs Wing Chan Tsang

Latest news: In honour of the visit of Mrs Ruth Lee, we had a warm and sweet gathering on 29 October 2015. Click here to read an article written after the event.

On 6 August 2013, with the enthusiasm and kindness of some alumnae in LA, they have had their first ever gathering of YW girls ranging from the 1930's to 2004 - a historic moment they said. [ Gathering 2013 ]

Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area) ChapterContact persons: Ms Gloria Lee / Ms Monica Yeung Arima

Latest news
:The Northern California Chapter based in San Francisco Bay Area was born in January 2016 and there are already over 40 members! We had our first meeting with Mrs Ruth Lee, former YW principal on 19 October 2015 and planned on having a fundraising and social dinner event on 19 March 2016. Click here to read an article on our birth!

Please contact Ms Gloria Lee if you want to offer support or attend the function.

You are welcome to join our Facebook Group and/or WhatsApp Group!

OthersDo feel free to contact the webmaster if you want to take up the role of volunteer coordinator in your vincity!


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