Ms Bow Sui Hing (1916 - 2003)

  • Born in March 1916 in Yokohama, Japan
  • Studied in Japan till 1931
  • Started her teaching in Physical Education in 1934
  • Served in Ying Wa during 1947-1974 for 27 years
Funeral Service

Ms Bow's funeral service took place on 20 May 2003 at Hong Kong Funeral Home. Many relatives, friends and students were present. Around thirty YW alumnae made up a choir and dedicated the hymn "The Lord Is My Shepherd" in the ceremony.

In his consolation sermon, Rev Yu Ying Ngok remarked that Ms Bow resembled King David as a caring shepherd, disciplined warrior and pious king because Ms Bow cared about her students like a shepherd did to her flock of sheep.  She was a good teacher and taught her students good disciplines like a warrior.  Furthermore, she was a pious Christian who served the Lord just like King David.  Ms Bow was always joyful.  She loved singing hymns especially the YW school hymn and school song.

Rev C C Lee was a student of Ms Bow.  Apart from giving a brief version of Ms Bow's biography, Ms Lee shared with us some incidents which showed what a caring and kind teacher Ms Bow was.  Moreover, not only a loving mistress of her pets, Ms Bow also looked after the stray animals in her district. Once she had to go to court because the police thought she was throwing garbage away while actually what she did was leaving food for the stray cats and dogs.

The good strong voice of Ms Bow and her shrill whistle will always stay in the mind of her students!!

Rest In PeaceRest In PeaceRest In PeaceRest In Peace

Rest In PeaceRest In PeaceRest In PeaceRest In Peace

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