Anniversary Dinner at 7 pm, HK Convention & Exhibition Centre 

The banquet in the evening was well attended by nearly a thousand alumnae, past teachers and Ying Wa associates.  Some alumnae traveled all the way to HK from abroad especially for the anniversary programme.  In response to the theme of the evening, many alumnae put on a Chinese costume!

Mrs Katherine Yau, chairlady of the organizing committee, kicked off the evening programme with a warm welcoming speech.

Members of School Council, Alumnae Association, Organizing Committee of the Anniversary Dinner, Staff Club and PTA gathered on the stage as Ms Alison Lam presided over the toasting ceremony.


School Song
Welcoming remarks
Choir Performance
Collective Memories of YW
Fashion Show
Read a congratulatory message from Rev CC Lee!

Our MCs
Audrey Tang Wai-sze & Lucina Yu Kim-ming were our honoured MCs of the evening.
In the course of the evening, a western dinner menu was served so that participants had ample time to watch the performance and to enjoy a reunion with former classmates and teachers.
Alumnae Choir
Over forty alumnae of varying ages, shapes and sizes sang with one heart and one mind.  Choir members include principals, teachers, alumnae and students.  Numbers performed included
   Sound the Trumpet    Getting to Know You    (lyrics)
Hear the singing of our Alumnae Choir on the spot!         [song 1 ]   [song 2]   [song 3]
Collective Memories of Ying Wa   [ inside story ]
Many YW girls have a fond memory of Ms Silcocks, the 4th principal, who served Ying Wa for 40 years. Even the younger generations have heard of this legendary person and have seen her pictures in school.

"Unknown unto men but known unto God" 
A 38-min long DVD on Ms Silcocks was released this evening and everyone coming for the anniversary dinner was given a free copy as souvenir. A 5-min teaser was shown.  The missionary spirit and faithful service of Ms Silcocks moved many in the audience.

The Trust Fund Concept   [ full story ]
Rebecca Ching, Chairperson of the Alumnae Associatioin and Ruth Lee, the Principal, introduced the Trust Fund Concept and invited all the audience to contribute to "the bricks of life formation"for the future generations of Ying Wa.  Furthermore.  Rebecca happily announced that the first donor was Rev CC Lee who donated 1,000 copies of her book 我憶故我在 (3rd print)".  Audience were invited to donate cash or complete a pledge form (doc, pdf).

This was another highlight of the evening. It was a joint venture of the Alumnae Association with the Student Association.  This was no ordinary fashion show. It was composed of three sessions.
The first session was a parade of Ying Wa uniforms, from the past to the present!

See Mrs Lee attired in  white shirt and navy blue shorts which was the PE uniform of the '70s.  Dancing with hula hoops, an endearing pair of girls (both children of school teachers) in Ying Wa primary uniform captivated the hearts of the audience!

Early graduates were amazed by the colourful PE uniforms of today.

The  second team  was "The Most Trendy".

With the music of "Dancing Queen" in the background, student models performed the catwalk in elegant costumes.

We were honoured by the presence of four teachers, the Rev Lee Ching-chee, Mr Mok Kwong-chuen, Ms Betty Barr and Mr Fung Wing -yin, on the stage.

Watch the interview of these four VIPs!.

The third session brought the show to another crescendo!  Six student models in traditional costumes of the Ching Dynasty escorted our popular alumnnae onto the stage.

Mrs Katherine Chau, Ms Kwan Yeuk-laan and Ms Yau Ping-wai shared with us their latest news and greetings.

Ms Yau also brought us the greetings from the Alumnae Association in Toronto too! 

Watch the video clips!

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