Thanksgiving Service, Silcocks Hall, YWGS
 In the afternoon of Sunday March 20, more than 400 guests, alumnae, parents and students gathered in the Silcocks Hall to celebrate the 105th anniversary of our mother school.  The service began at 4 pm with a procession of representatives from different sectors of the school.


Mrs Ruth Lee also read greetings from overseas, including a very warm one from Ms Evelyn Jenkins, our 5th principal of Ying Wa!
Prof. Chan Lau Kit-ching, a Ying Wa alumna and a noted historian, was our honoured speaker during the service. She shared with the audience her happy days studying at Ying Wa and gave a lively account of the years when she worked as a university history professor.

The biblical passage,  the Magnificant  ( Luke 1:46-55),  was read by Mrs Katherine Chau.

Hymns were sung by a joint choir (senior and junior students and alumnae) with the music played by our School Orchestra.   A special offertory hymn, "Creation's Praise",  was selected for this occasion.

The entire school was spruced up for this happy occasion. Along the staircases, decorative greetings written on cute little "cheung sam" cards could be found. These attractive designs were the artworks of current students from S1-S7.  Take a browse!

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