Thanksgiving Service centenary page
Dr R Chiu cross Using a PowerPoint programme entitled
Dr. Rebecca Chiu presented a brief summary of the History of Ying Wa over the past hundred years.

The service began with the singing of the School Hymn.

Gathering at Silcocks Hall MusicMusic MusicMusic

Ms SS Lam
Ms Lam Sui Sum, one of our senior alumnae and former teacher was the first one to press the button.
Alumnae Representatives
Alumnae representatives from different decades participated in the presentation by pressing the keyboard of a notebook computer to activate the changing of slides.
Rev C C Lee

In her enlightening speech 
(百年樹人百載恩), Rev. Lee Ching Chee shared with us the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the Spirit of Ying Wa

Thanksgiving Service

The Service closed with a Dedication Ceremony of the Time-Capsule which is located outside the Silcocks Hall. Specific items were stored inside the capsule to commemorate the School Centenary.

Mrs Chau, the Principal, was putting a batch of items, which included the school intro leaflet, hymn book, chalk and school report, in the capsule.


Dedication of Time Capsule