3 March 2022

YWGSAA Overseas Newsletter (Feb 2022)

Overseas Alumnae Newsletter (Web version, 14th Issue)

In this issue, we are grateful to have two articles sharing our alumnae’s treasured moments at our historic kindergarten, and a senior alumna outlining her kindergarten, primary and secondary education at Ying Wa.  What a wonderful nostalgic flavour!  

We are also delighted to have contributions from two alumnae in the music industry, sharing their mission and passion.  You would also get to know an alumna who serves the community in many ways.  

There are articles about the recent Movie Gala, friendship among Ying Wa alumnae and news from two former teachers too.  Enjoy reading!  [ Past Issues ]

If you would also like to contribute an article, please feel free to contact us at alumnae@ywgs.edu.hk.

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