Latest developments

Wing Tsang (1962)

After a short absence in the AA newsletter’s coverage, here are some of the latest developments of the YWGSAA South California Chapter: 

  • Two new core members joined us in September 2023: Vivien Sung (1971) and Even Wu (2009).  We are very thankful for the “New Blood”! 
  • We kept our routine to meet three times a year in person or through Zoom, even during the pandemic.  Through web conferencing, we connect with out-of-state alumni and even the Hong Kong Ying Wa principals.  We are genuinely grateful for their continued support and deeply touched to receive newsletters from former principal, Mrs Ruth Lee (1972), and the message from incumbent principal, Mr Francis Kwan.
From Left: Alice Louie (1967), Vivien Sung (1971), Jenny Lew (1967), Wing Tsang (1962), Even Wu (2009), Melinda Louie (1965)
From top and left: 1st Row: Wing Tsang (1962), Principal Mr Francis Kwan, Vivien Sung (1971), Rosa Lai (1972) 2nd Row: Waichung Chan (1962), Alice Louie (1967), Kay Ho (1959), Former principal Ms Ruth Shek (1972) 3rd Row: Kamling Tsang (1994), Melinda Louie (1965), Jenny Lew (1967), Even Wu (2009) 4th Row: Laiping Yuen (1962)
  • In terms of upcoming events, we are excited to learn that Ying Wa is going to have a Homecoming Day on Saturday March 16, 2024 and a Founder's Day Luncheon on Saturday March 23, 2024.  Hope some of us will be able to attend the celebration and give glory to God, our Heavenly Father!
Christmas in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles! Blessed!