Greetings from Melbourne

Doreen So Shuk Sze (’58)

Latest News

Earlier this year, we welcomed Dr. Terry Chu (’82 ) (previously a maternal and child health doctor in Hong Kong) to our alumnae lunch and had a joyful time sharing experiences.  We met once more before another lockdown started on 5 August because COVID-19 infections were spreading.  It affected every facet of the community.  One positive aspect was more people were motivated to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  

Offering Our Prayers to …

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As we remember and pray for the patients, their families, COVID-19 testers, vaccinators, tracers and policy-enforcers, we should not lose sight of other diseases and disasters in other countries.  Floods in Europe, forest fires in the USA, Greece and Turkey, Lebanon’s chronic poor economic state, unrest in South Africa, refugees from Eritrea, consistent high number of COVID deaths in India and Thailand are just a few examples that need our prayers.

God’s Guiding Hands

While there is grim daily news, there are positive events happening too, such as medical aid workers are still working in needy regions, food aids are distributed in drought-stricken countries, children in refugee camps can receive a basic education.  Even though these and many similar events are not featured in the daily news, we are assured that God’s guiding hands are with each one who is in need.

My best wishes to the Ying Wa alumnae community, and do stay safe.