Ying Wa Heritage


Every one of us is an integral part of Ying Wa. Given the school’s history of more than a century, there is a treasury of personal experiences and recollections of the school among generations of us. With the passing of time, some of these valuable memories are irrevocably lost. Some, however, are still vivid in our minds and are ready to be tapped. It is important that they be preserved as an affirmation of our heritage.

Latest Project

The school has initiated a new video project which aims to capture the growth of the current S1 students as they move from the current school building, through the temporary building until they move back, in their final year at school, to the new building. The video recordings will be edited into a documentary to celebrate the opening of the new school building and to commemorate this very unique period of our school history.

This 6-year tracking project is being supported by YWGSAA and is underway. The first filming was conducted on 21st December 2011. 2015 marked the 4th year of the filming of the video documentary titled “Transformation”. Filming of ten S.5 students is in progress as scheduled.

Project Coordinator: Ms Eunice WONG
Director: Ms Mabel Cheung Yuen Tin

Previous Projects

100th Anniversary

To commemorate our Centenary, we published a history book on Ying Wa titled "The Blessed Years (1900-2000). [details

105th Anniversary

A 38-min long DVD on Ms Vera Silcocks was released on 20 March 2005. Miss Silcocks was Ying Wa’s longest serving principal - she was personally known to very many of us.

Some spare copies are still available. Please contact Ms Shirley Cheng of YWGS Office at 2546-631. Donations are welcome.

inside story ]

 Have a preview, 5 mins long!

110th Anniversary

The second DVD on Ying Wa Heritage, entitled 回顧。更新。延續-英華女兒的故事, was released in March 2010. The theme is on the history of Ying Wa's contribution to women education in Hong Kong, and outlook for the future. [ introduction ]

Duration: 65 minutes
Creative Director: Mabel Cheung (張婉婷校友)
Producer: Eunice Wong (黃慧校友)
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 Have a preview, 2.5 mins long!