Ying Wa alumnae in Vancouver welcomed visiting School Principals

Ng Pui Hang, Amy (’65)

After a long hiatus of three years due to COVID-19 lockdown, we were able to hold our annual dinner again on 24 July, 2023, thanks to the support of old boys of Ying Wa College in setup for venue and sound system, as well as the hard work of our Vancouver Chapter committee and great support from alumnae.  This joyous occasion was well attended by over 80 participants, including alumnae from different generations whose ages range from the 20s to the 90s.  

One big happy Ying Wa family

We had two special honourable guests from Hong Kong, viz Mr Francis Kwan, our principal, and Miss Chow Siu Fung (’82), our vice-principal.  They were visiting alumnae in Canada.  One of the highlights of the evening was to hear Mr Kwan speak of YWGS’s various remarkable progress and achievements made recently, which make us all so proud to be Ying Wa girls.  Miss Chow likened alumnae to a big treasure trove with great potentials in contributing to the school, as well as providing compassion and care for one another.  It really makes us feel good and grateful to be part of the Ying Wa family.

Mr Kwan and Miss Chow presenting speech at the dinner

It was a wonderful and memorable evening gathering filled with joyful conversations, laughter and happy memories.  We parted feeling a strong bond with our Alma Mater (身遠心莫離), and the satisfaction knowing that we shall see each other again in the next alumnae event. 

Handing out the school souvenirs
It was a lovely night, with Mr Pun (4th from the left), advisor to YWGS Alumnae Association (Vancouver), Mr Kwan (3rd from the right) and our young and energetic alumnae.