Ying Wa Girls' School

Alumnae Association Newsletter
Special Feature on Overseas Alumnae (Web-version only)

英華女學校校友會通訊 - 海外校友專輯(網上版)

Since the launching of our overseas alumnae newsletter in September 2015, we are pleased to reach another milestone. 

This issue is presented in a mobile friendly manner to facilitate your reading on a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Enjoy!

Don’t Miss our printed version (October 2020 Issue)!


CHAN Seung Yan, Sonja
CHOW Siu Fung
CHUI Wai Shan, Anita
IP Ka Hei, Kelly

LAI Yuk Fai, Rosa
LAU Siu Ki, Clive
MO Mun Yu, Donna
WONG Choi Fong, Fanny