A New Chapter in Life

Yvonne Lau (’01)

I migrated to Los Angeles in the United States to reunite with my parents and younger sister in December 2019.  It was unexpected that the world has turned upside down since then.  With hindsight, I am blessed to have made this move at the right time before the outbreak of COVID, as the transition would not be as smooth if otherwise. 

Rewarding career

I joined HSBC as a Management Associate upon graduation from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The beauty of working in a multinational financial institution is to gain exposure by working in different functions and geographies.  I got a taste for living in Macau for two years and travelling several provinces in China on job assignments. 

After 13 years of colourful and rewarding career journey in HSBC Hong Kong, I was offered an international transfer opportunity to Los Angeles to realize my immigration plan.  HSBC in the United States is well diversified with employees from different cultures.  I am glad that my working experience in Asia, as well as my proficiency in Cantonese and Mandarin add value to the new team.

Throughout my career, I am always seen as a humble, resilient and dedicated person which has been shaped back in my YW times.  With resilience, I work hand in hand with colleagues and clients to get through financial crisis, and adapt to new environments easily within a short time frame.  I also learnt to be empathetic and giving which enables me to earn valuable friendships.

Inspiring Across Generations Conference hosted by a Pan-Asian Organization (fourth from right)
My husband Nicholas and I enjoying a picnic in a park near home

Settling in LA

Leaving my hometown was never an easy decision to be made.  I not only bade farewell to my family and friends, but also had to build up my social network and career from scratch.  I consider myself fortunate as I have my closest family around in the United States to offer support.

I used to travel to the United States often in the past years, but settling there is another story.  The most challenging part is to immerse in the local culture, which could take years to achieve.  Expanding network is important but being an introvert, I would prefer to start from small and in my own pace.  I have first got connected with communities which I am most familiar with, such as church, co-workers, HK societies, etc.  This is when YWGS Alumnae Association came into the picture.  I feel at home when joining YW alumnae gatherings as we share common values and school memories together. 

“Never forget where you come from.  Roots are what support us and make us stronger.  They hold us up and without roots, we could not grow.”