Congratulations to Professor Deborah Chung (’69)

The editors are delighted to share with the Ying Wa community that Professor Deborah Chung (鍾端玲, ’69), an internationally renowned scientist, is ranked No. 14 among the Materials researchers worldwide.

From Wikipedia (, we are pleased to note that according to the 2020 Stanford University publication-based ranking of all the researchers in the world (living and dead) for all fields (not just science), Deborah is ranked No. 14 in the world among the 177,931 researchers in the field of Materials.  If only female or researchers of Chinese descent are counted, she is ranked No. 1 in the world in this field.  Among the researchers of all fields combined (7 million researchers), Deborah is ranked No. 1,442.  Among the researchers in University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, for all fields combined, she is ranked No. 1.

It is interesting to know that Deborah has outranked her Alma Mater, MIT (with the most top ranking materials department in the world), and quite a few other well-known universities with large materials departments.

Deborah has close ties with Ying Wa.  She is a niece of Ms Chung Kam Sun 鍾錦新 (her father's elder sister), who graduated from Ying Wa and taught English at Ying Wa for decades.  Deborah’s parents sent her to Ying Wa because of Ms Chung, who became her English teacher in Primary School.  She entered Ying Wa at Grade 3 (Primary School), and left after completing Form 5.  Her elder sister (Maureen Chung Man Ling 鍾敏玲, ’67) and numerous cousins (including Donna Ng Siu Dong 吳小璫, ’65, daughter of Ms Chung) also studied at Ying Wa.  Her father Leslie Chung Wah Leung 鍾華亮 studied at Ying Wa's kindergarten in the early 1920s.

Deborah says she is very thankful to the Lord for guiding her life and her research.  In 1998, the Lord called her to make disciples of all nations and made it clear in her heart that she was to witness for Him as a scientist.  This is why she is still working very hard to make herself a better scientist.  Her goal is to honour her Lord.

ID photo at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

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