28 February 2023

Alumnae Manager Election Results

We have received two nominations for alumnae managers after the close of the nomination period for the election of alumnae manager (5:00 pm on 27 February 2023); namely Ms Uson CHUNG (1972 S7) and Ms CHUNG Wai Chi (2002 S7). You may find their brief bios below.
Brief Nominees Introduction - Janet Chung  & Uson Chung

I hereby declare that the Ying Wa Girls’ School Alumnae Association shall nominate Ms Uson CHUNG and Ms CHUNG Wai Chi as alumnae managers of Incorporated Management Committee of Ying Wa Girls’ School for a new three-year term commencing on 1 September 2023.

Dated this twenty-eighth day of February 2023
Ms CHUI Wai Shan Anita
Returning Officer of the Election