15 November 2023

Alumnae Newsletter (Oct 2023) - Print and Web Version

We are delighted to announce the release of the much-anticipated Alumnae Newsletter (Oct 2023), both the print and web version. This captivating edition is filled with a multitude of enriching and diverse contents, including:

1) Visiting the Grave of Miss Jenkins
2) Happy 90th Birthday, Miss Barr
3) The Legacy of Missionaries in Ying Wa
4) 尋珍探寶之旅
5) 專訪校友會新任正副會長
6) Mrs Chau Ma Pui Kin’s Visit
7) Ms Yau’s 60th Wedding Anniversary!
8) Toronto Chapter’s Annual Dinner on August 4, 2023
9) The Unexpected Blessing
10) Ying Wa alumnae welcomed visiting School Principals
11) 玉米田與藍天
12) Meet, Chat and Walk on 1 August 2023
13) 我就是我,是顏色不一樣的煙火
14) Exploring Australia: My life Down Under
15) 有緣重聚@Nottingham
16) 分享移英點滴
17) 遊走英國南北
18) Out with the Old, in with the New
19) 探索德國
20) 一切如常之不同

Link to online version: Click
Link to print version: Click