29 October 2021

Overseas Alumnae Newsletter (Oct 2021)

Overseas Alumnae Newsletter (Web version, 13th Issue)

In this issue, we are sad to report the passing away of our beloved former headmistress, Miss Jenkins.  Yet, we are grateful that our alumna was able to visit her on her last birthday in August this year.  Miss Jenkins will forever be fondly remembered by us, and we would continue to support the school and each other. 

You would find articles about our fundraising Movie Gala, and the beautiful act of donating to the Movie Gala in memory of two fellow classmates.  With the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic in some parts of the world, some alumnae were able to meet in person, to celebrate an anniversary of their graduation or just to foster fellowship. One of the things that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is to treasure these opportunities, and don’t take them for granted.  

There are articles about fond memory of Ying Wa days, an interesting hobby, reflection about taking care of a newborn baby, and other sharing of thoughts too.  Enjoy reading!

If you would also like to contribute an article, please feel free to contact us at alumnae@ywgs.edu.hk.